Trump-Aligned Group Declares “War” on Mexican Cartels

Trump-Aligned Group Declares “War” on Mexican Cartels

A conservative group aligned with Donald Trump led by former senior officials of the former president, proposes a formal declaration of war by the United States against the Mexican cartels as well as a mechanism to close legal ports of entry based on estimates of undocumented crossings.

The proposal that was presented through the Center for Renewing America, just a month before the midterm elections, aims to putting President Joe Biden in a “Tight” and thus divert voters’ attention from abortion rights, immigration and crime.

According to Axios, the proposal would have important implications military, diplomatic and human rights.

The group’s leadership includes Russ Vought, former director of Trump’s Office of Management and Budget; Ken Cuccinelli, who held the second highest position in DHS under Trump; attorney Mark Paoletta and Kash Patel, a former Pentagon official.

This plan requires a formal declaration of war and coordination with the Mexican government, as well as branches of the US military, have asked Congress to consider passing a trigger mechanism that closes legal ports of entry on the border based on the number of immigrants and asylum seekers who cross illegally.

Also, they expect the Navy to intercept drug smuggling boats and that the Treasury sanctions the leaders of specific cartels.

It is not the first time that the conservatives have tried to declare “war” on the Mexican cartels. Similar ideas were floated by Donald Trump years ago to crack down on cartels, which was heavily criticized by foreign policy.

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