This Monday, January 18, the 2021 verification begins in CDMX: everything you need to know to request your appointment

This Monday, January 18, the 2021 verification begins in CDMX: everything you need to know to request your appointment

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The verificentros will be available in CDMX.

Despite the coronavirus pandemic that continues to impact hundreds of people in the country, and the recent decree of the red traffic light in Mexico City, the check centers they are kept in operation, but under strict health measures and by appointment.

Every week, the CDMX Secretary of the Environment (Sedema) enables the appointment system to be able to carry out the vehicle verification, which is why since last January 6, it was announced that a space can already be scheduled to go to the checkpoints.

“The appointments available are for the week of January 18 to 23,” said Sedema through its social networks.

After acquiring it, the citizens of the capital must present themselves with the corresponding vehicle at one of the 60 verification centers, which are working in the CDMX.

Citizens can verify by appointment. (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

Citizens can verify by appointment. (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

How to request an appointment?

* The interested party will have to enter the following link and look for the required verification center: give click here.

* According to the Sedema, users must appear in the spaces of the procedure with face masks, keep a good distance and use antibacterial gel.

The main objective of scheduling an appointment is to avoid long lines and possible COVID-19 infections.

Remember that the vehicle verification service, corresponding to the first half of 2021, begins on Monday, January 18, with the purpose of providing the necessary maintenance to the systems and equipment used in the vehicle verification process, both those found in the verification centers and those located in the Sedema facilities .

The so-called program Mandatory Vehicle Verification It will be considered during the first semester of this year. Said calendar It will enter into force from January 18, 2021 to June 30 of the same year.

The 2021 verification program will go into effect on January 18. (Photo: EFE)

The 2021 verification program will go into effect on January 18. (Photo: EFE)

In this sense, drivers must take into account the days to verify their car regarding the number of termination of plates and color of the sticker, which will be divided as follows:

* January and February: they must verify cars with license plates 5 and 6 (yellow gum).

* February and March: plates with termination 7 and 8 (pink gummed).

* March and April: plates with termination 3 and 4 (red gummed).

* April and May: plates with termination 1 and 2 (green gummed).

* May and June: plates with termination 9 and 0 (blue gummed).

In the case of cars with hologram 00 or exempt, they will be reviewed at least every three years to see if they are candidates to continue circulating without problem, according to the information published in the Gazette on December 22.

It is important to highlight that, when going to the centers, the vehicles will be sanitized inside, after having carried out the corresponding test.

In addition, some indications will be offered to the residents of the capital to avoid risks and maintain a healthy distance of 1.5 meters.

According to the CDMX government, the Sedema citizen service window, where procedures related to verification are carried out and which is located in Tlaxcoaque 8 ground floor, will remain closed until January 15.

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