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The actress lost her only baron in her first pregnancy (Photo: Instagram @ jackybrv)

Losing a baby has been one of the hardest blows in Jacqueline Bracamontes’ life. But, despite the fact that it was something that led to depression, the actress expressed that she found a purpose for everything she suffered.

Inside a virtual panel to Telemundo, the presenter also recounted the grieving process she had and how she came to the conclusion that everything happened for a reason.

“My first pregnancy was a boy and a girl and at week 34 I started with contractions. When I started with the contractions the baby had already died and that is why I started with the contractions, but obviously it was not known”Bracamontes began.

The Guadalajara explained that she found out that the baby was dead during childbirth, news that affected her to such a degree that they had to sleep in the operating room. Upon awakening, it was her husband, Martín Fuentes, who explained what had happened and expressed that at that moment he experienced the darkest feelings.

Her husband explained what had happened during the delivery (Photo: File)

Her husband explained what had happened during the delivery (Photo: File)

I cried a lot for followed easy a month without stopping every day. On the other hand, I had the illusion that my Jacky was in intensive careI went every day to see her, to feed her, but I was in a very strong depression, “he added.

Bracamontes explained that for a long time he wondered why this had happened to her. But it wasn’t until one person completely changed his perspective, that he began to think about things differently.

One person told me: ‘Jacky stop saying why but why. Change the question. ‘ Obviously I went through ups and downs, I read books, I talked to psychologists, because you try to find a way to get ahead. That was what made me click: the ok, ‘why did this happen to me?’“Said the 41-year-old presenter.

Thanks to this change of thought, the actress was finding in her five daughters the answer she needed to be able to be at peace with what happened. In addition to the Unconditional support from her husband was indispensable in the process.

The support of her husband was indispensable in the process (IG: jackybrv)

The support of her husband was indispensable in the process (IG: jackybrv)

I felt that that baby came to save my Jacky’s life because maybe if Jacky had been alone and that had happened to me, Jacky would not have been in this worldSo that helped me a lot […] Emilia and Paula would not be in my life if that baby had come because I had not looked for another baby. So that’s also another reason why he left, so that Emilia and Paula were in my life and the truth today my life would not be the same if those two little girls were not here, “he said.

Now the actress feels that this difficult moment in her life turned her into a woman who can do anything and would give everything for her little ones Jacky, Carolina, Renata and the twins Paula and Emilia.

“After living that, after touching those pain points that I never thought existed in my life, I think that made me an unstoppable woman. Today I give my life for my daughters and that makes me get up, smile and move on. And every night we ask the angel from heaven, my Martincito, to take care of my daughters and to take care of us ”, he concluded.

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