The Xbox Game Pass Q&A guide and rewards for February 2023 PCGamesN

The Xbox Game Pass Q&A guide and rewards for February 2023 PCGamesN

Madden NFL 22 Xbox Uno

  • Pre-order for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members
  • Game size: 46.09 Ir
  • To get back : 250 dots
  • Playing time needed: 15 minutes
  • Play 4 games online.

Undisputed queen of US football simulators, the series of crazy nfl gave birth to a version 22 adorned with a string of improvements. Unfortunately, it seems that you have to download the title completely because the “Ready to Start” of the console does not allow you to access the game menu. In addition, you will only be able to try this quest on Xbox console and in the Xbox One version of the title.

This quest may not please you and in more ways than one, but let’s move on. In addition to the elements mentioned above, online games are necessarily to be played against other players. You can immediately forget a quick game against an AI. Fortunately, it is possible to save time and without success a priori. Follow you guide:

  • Once downloaded, launch the game and quit the opening game as soon as possible. To do this, press “Start” and then opt for the “Quit to Menu” option.
  • Once on the home screen, choose “Exhibición” then “Online Head to Head”, “Quick Match”.
  • As soon as the kick-off is given, press “Start” and choose to leave the game.
  • When given the option, turn in “Concede Defeat”.
  • Then select “Yes, exit to menu”.
  • Restart a new quick game three more times to complete the quest.
  • Landing !!!!!

Features unique to Xbox. Try on Xbox.

Opus: Echo of the Song of the Stars

  • Game size: 2.01 And
  • To get back : 5 points
  • Playing time needed: 1 minute
  • Play

When asteroids began to emit a song, the ” star song“, which seems to hold immeasurable power, several great Nations have waged war to claim ownership of it. Without ever achieving it.

To make the pride of his clan and to redeem himself from his faults, a young adventurer accompanied by a witch capable of reproducing the sound of asteroids and endowed with unique knowledge, will soon enter the race.

Launch the game on the medium of your choice and collect your meager points without any success.

It works on Xbox, PC and Cloud Gaming. Test on Cloud Gaming.


Complete 3 daily quests

  • Game size: /
  • To get back : 10 dots
  • Playing time needed: 72 hours
  • Complete 3 daily quests this week.

Fulfill the unlock conditions for the “Play with Game Pass” daily quest for three days and you’re good to go!


Chart your path to success

  • Game size: /
  • To get back : 10 dots
  • Playing time needed: 2 minutes
  • Unlock 3 hits or games in 3 different Game Pass games per week.

A stacking repeat among the “WeekStreak” on-demand rewards, this quest was not completed quickly and ran alongside the last mention of “Game Pass Explorer” described in the relevant stab. Launch games on your console on the fly and it will soon be over.

Rewards quest success game pass february 2023

Earn an achievement in Game Pass

  • Game size: /
  • To get back : 50 dots
  • Playing time required: 2 minutes
  • Earn an achievement in a Game Pass game this week.

Nothing too complicated, everything is in the title. All you need to do on any title present in the Game Pass and regardless of the medium, is to unlock an achievement to get your 50 points.

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