USA and its allies will continue to provide “significant” support to Ukraine out of respect for the legacy of the D-Day soldiers, whose victory over the Nazis helped create a new world order and a “better peace,” Gen. Mark Milley Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff.

During an interview with The Associated Press on Omaha Beach in Normandy, Milley said that Russia’s war against Ukraine undermines the rules established by allied countries after the end of World War II.

The general spoke on the 78th anniversary of the invasion of the Day Das June 6, 1944 is known, the day Allied troops stormed the beaches of France, marking the start of a military offensive that helped topple Nazi Germany’s occupation.

A fundamental rule of the “rules-based global order” is that “Countries cannot attack other countries with their military forces in acts of aggression unless it is an act of absolute self-defense,” he emphasized. “But that’s not what happened here. Ukraine. What happened here is an open and unequivocal act of aggression.”

“It is widely considered to undermine the rules by which those who are here appeared, at Omaha Beach and at the Colleville-sur-Mer cemetery. They died for something. They died for that order to be established so that we could have a better peace.”asserted Milley speaking at the American cemetery overlooking the waterfront in Colleville-sur-Mer, a village in northwestern France.

That is why “The nations of Europe, the NATO nations, are backing Ukraine with lethal and non-lethal support to make sure that that set of rules is secured and supported,” Milley added.

Dozens of war veterans from the United States, Britain, Canada and elsewhere — all in their 90s — participated in emotional D-Day ceremonies Monday.

When asked if Ukraine get enough support Milley I affirm that “A very, very important battle is taking place in Donbas”, referring to the highly contested industrial region of eastern Ukraine which borders Russia. “But kyiv (the capital) was successfully protected and defended. The Russians had to move their forces south into Donbas. And we’ll see how this plays out.”

“I think the United States and allied countries are providing a significant amount of support to Ukraine, and that will continue.”added Milleywithout giving further details.

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