The reaction of journalist Tato Aguilera when he felt the earthquake in Buenos Aires during a live report

The reaction of journalist Tato Aguilera when he felt the earthquake in Buenos Aires during a live report

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The clock struck 23:51 of Monday. Journalist Leandro Aguilera he shared the air with his colleagues Juan Pablo Marrón and Joaquín Bruno, while he made the report on Boca from his home. For several seconds, the attention of This Aguilera seemed to disperse for the viewer on the other side. While one of the two hosts of the nightly newscast made an analysis on the campus of the Xeneize, the chronicler who covers that club looked to his sides in what was perceived as a distracting tone.

The explanation came almost ten minutes later, when from the Sports in TyC Sports his colleagues fired him: “Tato, big hug, to rest.” There he decided to clarify what happened, already with the information of the 6.4 earthquake on the Richter scale that had its epicenter in San Juan: “I don’t know if they realized it or noticed it, but while we were making the report, the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires trembled. An earthquake in San Juan that was replicated throughout the central area of ​​Argentina, reaching the City of Buenos Aires “.

Aguilera is a native of the department of San Martín in Mendoza and at age 18 he settled in the City of Buenos Aires to start his studies as a sports journalist. “We are used to tremors in Mendoza, in the Cuyo area”, he clarified. “But did you feel your house shake? Here we feel nothing “, commented to him his companions from the study of the channel located in the zone of Constitución. “He felt here in Barracas”, detailed Tato, who since 2006 has covered the day-to-day life of the La Ribera club.

According to the information provided by the National Institute for Seismic Prevention (INPRES), the phenomenon reached its highest intensity at 23:46:22 at a depth of 8 kilometers and had its epicenter at 57 kilometers southwest of the capital of San Juan. However, different residents of Córdoba and Mendoza showed with videos how the earthquake felt in those provinces and there were different reports in Buenos Aires of citizens who felt some movements on the upper floors of buildings.

Here, seventh floor in the Montes de Oca area, on avenida, I tell you that it moved a lot. Because Gaby my wife looked, and of course, we are used to the first thing you have to see when there is an earthquake are the areas where you have something hanging. They moved, and quite. The floor of a seventh floor where we are moved a lot. It was the shaking of a normal earthquake that we had in San Juan and it was replicated in the central area of ​​Argentina, hopefully there were serious consequences in the Cuyo area ”, Aguilera explained without having even more information about the phenomenon at that time.

“I was about to go under a frame or the table because they are the instructions you have to have when there is an earthquake”, explained with precise knowledge of the steps to be followed in a situation of these characteristics. “At minimum there we should have gone, under the door frame. And maximum, there under the table “, he detailed while showing different areas of his department. “This is mandatory, they teach you when you were a child. And stay away from areas where there are windows that can explode the glass “added.

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