The Countries that have best managed the Pandemic

The Countries that have best managed the Pandemic

The Lowy Institute of Australia has produced a study that reflects which countries have managed the pandemic better. After almost a year since it exploded in most of the planet, the list is made up of 98 countries, in which There is no China (the country where the first case of coronavirus was known in the world) due to lack of data.

To measure the situation in each country, the period that covers 36 weeks after each country’s 100th confirmed COVID-19 case and using the data available up to January 9.

In addition, confirmed cases, confirmed deaths, confirmed cases and confirmed deaths per million people, confirmed cases as ratio of tests and tests per thousand people were calculated. These data were calculated as fourteen-day moving averages.

Top three countries

New Zealand tops this list of countries that have best managed the pandemic, after analyzing different markers such as population size, political systems or economic development. In second and third place they occupy it Vietnam and Taiwan, respectively.

What position do the great European powers occupy?

The first European is in fifth place, Cyprus. Until from position 50 the great European powers do not appear: Germany (55th), Italy (59th), Portugal (63rd), United Kingdom (66th), Belgium (72nd), France (73rd), Netherlands (75th) and Russia (76th).

Spain appears behind all the great powers with which it shares a continent and is positioned as the 78ª nation that has best managed the pandemic in the world.

The countries that have managed the pandemic the worst

Behind Spain are two of the countries that register the most cases of infections and deaths: United States (94th) and Brazil (98th), which is the one that closes the list. Also, behind our country is a large part of the territories of Latin America and Central America: Dominican Republic (87th), Guatemala (88th), Chile (89th), Panama (91st), Bolivia (93rd), Colombia (96th) and Mexico (97th).

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