The president of United States, Joe Bidenand his wife, Jill, visited the Uvalde school this Sunday (Texas), where on Tuesday there was a shooting that killed 19 children (mostly 10 years old) and two teachers.

Los Biden They spent several minutes before the memorial dedicated to the victims, had a conversation with the school principal, Mandy Gutiérrez, and with the superintendent of the school district, Hal Harrell, and then attended a mass in honor of the deceased.

At the memorial to the victims, the president and his wife placed a bouquet of flowers, carefully read the names of the deceased and caressed some of their photographs. Biden could be seen with tears in his eyes.

The mass, which was attended by some 600 people, took place in the Catholic Church of the Sacred Heart of Uvalde, at the entrance of which Archbishop Gustavo García Siller received the presidential couple.

Shortly before the mass that he attended was celebrated Biden -in English-, another had been held in Spanish.

It is the same church in whose parking lot a vigil was held last night attended by dozens of people, who sang and read one by one the stories of what the deceased children were like.

Rubén Cárdenas, who worked with Joe García – who died of a heart attack after losing his wife Irma, one of the teachers killed in the massacre – positively valued in statements to Efe the presence of the president while queuing to enter the mass this Sunday.

“Whatever you say, it will come from your heart. She is here to comfort the families, to tell them that they will not be forgotten. The whole world is transfixed by what has happened to these little children,” she assured.

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