President Joe Biden was clear in ensuring that the Hurricane Ian may have been the “deadliest” in Florida history.

“This could be the deadliest hurricane in the history of Florida,” he mentioned during his visit to the premises of the agency in charge of natural disasters (FEMA) in Washington.

“The numbers are not yet clear, but we received information that shows a substantial loss of life from the hurricane which has devastated parts of this state in the southeastern United States,” he added.

Hurricane Ian, downgraded to a tropical storm, made landfall Wednesday afternoon as a Category 4 (on a scale of 5) in the southwest florida.

Despite how dangerous the cyclone is, many people have risked their lives, in many cases, in order to gain followers, leaving aside the importance and seriousness of an event of such magnitude.

Proof of this are some young people who were described as “insane” after they were recorded seen swimming in the Gulf of Mexico as the winds of Hurricane Ian whipped up the ocean waves around them.

It is unknown if the men suffered any injuries from what happened, but the truth is that they did not respect the indications of the authorities that ask the citizens to safeguard themselves.

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