RSF demands from Biden a plan for the evacuation of Afghan journalists

RSF demands from Biden a plan for the evacuation of Afghan journalists

Reporters Without Borders (RSF) wants US President Joe Biden to launch a “special plan” for the evacuation of Afghan journalists and human rights defenders whose The main problem is accessing the evacuation planes.

In a statement, its secretary general, Christophe Deloire, said that they receive “dozens and dozens of urgent evacuation requests,” and that the problem is not obtaining visas for them or seats on the aircraft leaving Kabul, but “getting those people can access the planes”.

The reason, according to the organization, is that the evacuation projects that other countries, particularly European countries, have prepared for these groups, “are largely hampered by the management of access to airplanes”, which is in the hands of the United States, and This despite the fact that they appear on the lists of sensitive people.

Reporters reproach the United States that “it seems to have only one priority: the evacuation of its nationals and its former collaborators.”

That is why, on the eve of the G7 meeting that Biden has organized next week on the Afghan crisis, he demands a special evacuation plan for journalists and human rights defenders.

That happens, among other things, by postponing the end of the US military operation in Afghanistan, set for the next day 31, since between now and then there will not be enough time.

RSF believes that means should be enabled so that journalists and human rights defenders who appear on the lists of countries and organizations can be identified.

The establishment of a humanitarian corridor and a special perimeter should also be considered.

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