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01/01/1970 Rafael Amargo in ‘YERMA’ EUROPA SPAIN SOCIEDAD


After the beginning of the year, Rafael Amargo accumulates new problems in his professional facet where now one of the participants of ‘Yerma’, Irene Chamorro, has told her experience, which according to her, has not been entirely good, despite the friendship that the artist shared with Irene, she has not hesitated to sit on the set of ‘Viva la Vida’ to say that the bailaor has not fulfilled what he had promised economically speaking to her, but neither to her sister Chelo. In the face of the testimony of what was the last couple of Antonio Flores, Rafael has not remained silent and has called the Emma García program to tell his version of the events, responding to Amargo’s refusal to pay for the Chamorro’s stay in Madrid during his participation in the show, something that they had supposedly agreed to, the bailaor explains: “The apartment I took for her did not suit them, it was where the Rastro antique dealers and now I am here. I am very calm because Isabel Rabago and I have sent the director of the program some payroll with what they have received. With everything that I am going through and she is there, I would like her to be presenting her album, but she is selling me “the bailaor commented during his speech. With the support of many Of the program’s collaborators, Amargo has provided the payroll and contracts with which Irene and her sister have worked: “You have been working for 20 days with a cast arm, it was to have told you that I don’t know e could work, but you are my friend and I have let you work. I’m going to pay you when I get paid from the box office “Rafael argues about the money that Irene Chamorro is claiming. In the midst of the complicated moment Rafael Amargo is going through after being in prison accused of drug trafficking and belonging to a criminal gang, the bailaor hurt by this new attack that comes from someone whom he considered a friend: “Things are talked about with love, the day I speak I make you all firm. Your brother Bernando has sent me a message that his face should drop with shame. I understand that it has been good for you to win two dollars, but what you say is not true. ”

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