Police identified the 26-year-old thief using the identity he had on file with Airbnb and obtained a warrant for his arrest.

A man who rented a room through Airbnb in Georgia robbed the homeowner at gunpoint, according to police.

The homeowner called police in Buford, a suburb of Atlanta, saying the man had rented the basement of the home through Airbnb and fled after taking his wallet.

According to the police report, the individual arrived at the Airbnb Tuesday afternoon and less than an hour later sent a text to the homeowner saying there was a leak in the toilet. The homeowner told police he was inspecting the toilet when he turned around and saw that the individual was pointing the gun at him.

He added that the individual tied him hand and foot and fled with his wallet, which contained cash and credit cards, according to police.

Police identified the 26-year-old robber using the identity he had on record with Airbnb and obtained a warrant for his arrest, according to the police report.

So far there have been no arrests.

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