The city excelled in quality of life, economy, well-educated residents, and apartments with excellent location.

Laredo, Texas – Out of the entire country, the city of Plano, Texas was ranked the number one most family-friendly city in the United States, according to a recent study by

Researchers compared the rents of more than 130 cities nationwide in terms of cost of living and housing, local economy, and quality of life.

Thus, Plano offers high-quality schools and larger-than-average apartment sizes, as well as a warm and cheerful atmosphere, with a variety of entertainment venues for the whole family.

Other points in which the Texas city stood out is the economy, as it ranked number 3 in the country, the city has seen the highest increase in job growth in the U.S., with an increase of 6 percent.

Also, Plano is home to well-educated residents, with 60 percent of the adult population skilled in their field. And the unemployment rate is low at 4 percent.

In quality of life, this city ranked No. 4. Sixty-nine percent of the apartments it offers are in an excellent location, and close to the best schools, making it a good option for families looking for these types of features. In addition, it has one of the highest enrollment rates in the country at 91 percent.

Despite having a lower housing and cost-of-living ranking, Plano’s apartments are relatively generous in size. The notable proportion of family-sized units-33 percent-makes the city attractive to family renters. But the metric that pushed the city lower in this category is cost of living, which is 21 percent higher than the national average.

Even with the above, Plano ranked number one nationally for being a destination for families seeking a quiet, quality and even entertaining lifestyle.

Plano, Texas, is located near DFW, the state’s largest airport, is privileged to be in the center of several tourist areas, just minutes from major universities, and families are less than an hour from Dallas. This city was the setting for one of the most famous television series of the 60′s Dallas, and still retains that Texas country flavor that visitors seek.

Two other Texas cities also ranked in the top 10 best cities; Rock Round, ranked sixth for its great apartments and job opportunities, and Austin, ranked seventh on the list, for its economy and quality of life.

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