$ 100 for New Yorkers who get the booster dose

New Yorkers who, starting this Tuesday, get the booster dose of the covid-19 vaccine will receive a bonus of $ 100, at a time when infections have skyrocketed.

New Yorkers who, starting this Tuesday and until December 31, get the booster dose of the vaccine against covid-19 will receive a bonus of 100 dollars, in a moment in which infections have soared.

“New York City is leading the way in vaccines. Starting today, anyone who receives a booster (from the vaccine) will receive one hundred dollars. The booster will help you and others stay safe,” he said today. New York Mayor Bill de Blasio at a press conference.

The councilor specified that this offer will be maintained until December 31, adding that the city is willing to spend whatever money is necessary, since vaccination “is a priority.”

He also indicated that the money dedicated to promoting the booster dose will not affect other programs.

“We will just make it a priority to spend what is necessary. We need people to put on these reinforcements that will make a difference,” De Blasio said.

It is not the first time that the city offers incentives to residents to encourage them to get the vaccine, since last July the same amount was also given to people who were immunized against covid-19.

The mayor’s announcement comes at a time when COVID-19 cases are skyrocketing in New York, as in the rest of his country.

At the state level, the number of people who have tested positive for covid-19 yesterday marked the highest figure in recent months with 9.04%.

A dozen Broadway theaters in the city center have closed their doors temporarily and the authorities are considering the possibility of canceling the New Year’s Eve celebrations in Times Square, where around a million are expected to participate. of people.

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