Mexico’s northern border awaits new wave of migration after new agreement with United States

U.S. Homeland Security Advisor Jake Sullivan announced with Mexico the establishment of new shelter and work options for vulnerable migrants in Mexico.

Activists and shelters are expecting a new migratory wave on Mexico’s northern border following the agreement between the Mexican and U.S. governments, which announced that they will process applications from migrants from Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua and Venezuela who are in Mexican territory.

Following meetings in Mexico between senior officials of both countries, the U.S. Homeland Security Advisor, Jake Sullivan, issued a statement that reached the cell phones of migrants who are under the international bridges waiting to cross the border.

“We announce our full support for a multi-purpose international space that the Government of Mexico plans to establish in southern Mexico to provide new shelter and work options for the most vulnerable people currently in Mexico,” reads the statement signed by the U.S. government.

In the bulletin, the United States also “commits to accept referrals for refugee resettlement of qualified persons from Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua and Venezuela already in Mexico.”

The message gave hope to migrants like Guatemalan Angel Lobos, who has been in Ciudad Juarez for a month waiting for an appointment.

“We are struggling, but we believe that the appointment will be granted,” he told EFE.

Migratory measures “well-intentioned”.

Juan Fierro, director of the Good Samaritan shelter of the Methodist Church of Mexico, told EFE that the measures are “well-intentioned”, but will accelerate the arrival of migrants.

“The people from these countries who are already here, who have accumulated, it is good that they receive them and already cross and follow their political asylum process, but this itself can cause a wave of people from those countries with the same intention that they can pass,” he explained.

The situation reflects the panorama at Mexico’s borders following the May 11 expiration of U.S. Title 42, a measure that immediately expelled migrants on the grounds of pandemic, now replaced with Title 8 and greater restrictions on legal asylum.

Although after the end of this migration policy irregular migrant encounters at the US border dropped by 50% between May and June, there was a 36% increase between June and July in irregular migration of families traveling together, Mexican Foreign Minister Alicia Bárcena revealed last week.

Fierro is already warning of an increase in the arrival of migrants, as there are already 85 people in the shelter, when days ago there were only 60, so he expects to soon “reach the top” of capacity.

“I don’t know how they are going to handle this situation because people keep arriving and it becomes chaos at the border, we have already experienced similar situations due to migratory policies”, he added.

Venezuelan José Amaro, 26, entered Mexico 25 days ago, and is now hoping to get an appointment with the U.S. CBP One application.

“I heard that this news came out recently, that they are in the process of Venezuelans, Nicaraguans, Haitians and Cubans already have the possibility of having a pass to the United States because it has been quite difficult for us,” he said.

With the news, the migrant said that he will not cross the Rio Bravo, as they have done in recent weeks who are already desperate living on the street and without food.

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