For centuries, the United States has been blessed with vibrant, diverse, and entrepreneurial Latino populations.

For those root predators of our founding immigrants who embraced their new home, generations of Latinos have made the United States a better United States – with strong values ​​of faith, family, courage and optimism.

As we celebrate the Hispanic Heritage Month, we recognize the importance of ensuring that Latino families – and all families in the United States – remain prosperous. And we do so informed and inspired by the Congressional Hispanic Caucus.

This means safety and education for our children. The security of a paycheck for parents. Health and dignity for grandparents. The promise of a path to the American Dream.

For such reasons, Democrats in Congress have put forward a strong vision of putting People over Politics: lower prices, better paying jobs and safer communities, while insisting on the need for justice, equity and inclusion.

To reduce costs for families, we enacted the American Rescue Plan: with a Child Tax Credit that helped families pay the bills and with much-needed help for small businesses.

Now, our new Inflation Reduction Law is reducing health insurance premiums, the cost of prescription drugs and energy bills. And we are fighting to do more.

At the same time, the Democrats’ Rescue Plan has enabled the greatest job creation in modern times, putting money in people’s pockets, making vaccinations available, allowing parents to go back to work and children to go back to school.

We foster this progress with our Bipartisan Infrastructure Act, putting Americans to work rebuilding our nation with environmental justice. our new Science Act and CHIPS open doors for well-paying careers in science, technology, engineering and math: Recruiting people from long-neglected communities across the country, to build an equitable workforce that reflects the beauty of America’s diversity.

Meanwhile, Democrats are focused on safer communities for all. We’re sending resources to local police to combat violent crime, while improving effectiveness and accountability.

This summer, the President signed a new bill that will be a landmark to reduce gun crime by removing firearms from dangerous hands – and the House passed legislation to reinstate the Assault Weapons Ban.

This is what Democrats are fighting for in Congress – and it stands in stark contrast to the extreme republicans MAGA agenda.

On Immigration: While Democrats stand for humane reform with responsible border management, Republicans are pushing anti-immigrant cruelty.

On the right to vote: While the Democrats are defending democracy, the Republicans are trying to silence communities of color and nullify our elections.

On health care: While Democrats are cutting costs and strengthening Medicare, Republicans want to increase drug prices for seniors and punish women’s health freedom.

This November, Strength of Our Families is on the Ballot – and the difference between the matches is crystal clear. The Democrats are Fighting For the People. Republicans are fighting for their own political power.

Given the diversity of our nation, the vibrant Latino communities will play a decisive role in determining our future. And together we can build a future where parents can provide for their families, people can determine the fate of our democracy, and every child can pursue the American Dream.

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