McDonald’s prepares to change its restaurants, smaller but with the brand’s DNA

Responding to market changes, McDonald’s is considering a prototype of smaller restaurants for next year, this due to the rise of online ordering.

The rise of online ordering and delivery has led McDonald’s to rethink the type of locations that are best suited to the brand as it no longer needs to open restaurants with large dining rooms.

McDonald’s is a fast food giant with a presence in more than 100 countries and nearly 40,000 restaurants that is now relying on home delivery. It is worth noting that in the United States alone, sales increased by 10.3% last quarter.

During the presentation of the results, the CEO of the company, Chris Kempczinski explained that McDonald’s is considering the development of a new restaurant format, to accelerate the pace of opening its stores.

To achieve this goal, Chris Kempczinski explained that in the coming years, McDonald’s aims to implement a new restaurant model, called CosMc’s, which is a new restaurant concept.

CosMc’s is a small format concept with all the McDonald’s DNA, but with its own unique personality,” he added.

McDonald’s new bet aims to open more stores worldwide which represents the chain’s most significant growth since 2014.

The CosMc’s name is about one of the characters from the fictional McDonaldland world created by the franchise in the 1990s.

CosMc’s, smaller stores

The CosMc’s prototype would involve the creation of restaurants with smaller dining rooms and an increase in home delivery service, since the rise of online ordering and delivery means that it is no longer necessary to open new restaurants with large dining areas.

The project represents an opportunity for the brand to open up new horizons in terms of physical presence. “A big reason we can now think about this format is because of the growth that has happened with digital and delivery,” according to the CNB chain.

“We don’t necessarily need the big restaurants anymore,” he said arguing for the use of smaller venues.

Restaurants will be named after a mascot

In the early 1990s, a mascot named CosMc began appearing in McDonalds. This character dressed in yellow and was a hybrid between alien and robot, his biggest dream was to reach Earth to enjoy the McDonalds menu.

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