Mariano Closs explained behind the scenes of the dialogue with Juan Simón that went viral

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Mariano Closs explained the behind the scenes of his dialogue with Juan Simón

Mariano Closs, during the first few minutes of the program you drive on ESPN, took the opportunity to clarify what happened with Juan Simon –Current panelist in F12, Former footballer and with a past as Boca’s sports director, in charge of hiring right-back Leonardo Jara.

“You didn’t need to send me that far”, Simón began the dialogue, from San Juan, with a joke, minimizing what happened yesterday. The journalist quickly picked up the glove and explained behind the scenes what was seen in front of the cameras during the analysis of the harsh elimination suffered by the Xeneize in the Copa Libertadores.

“How many times have we talked with Juan about the players he brought in? And one is Jara. It’s a bit of interpreting how we play. No need to clarify. When he spoke of Jara he knew that he had taken it, and he came in like a horse, “he said.

To clarify his point of view, Closs added that “this is television and we have these codes. Juan, after playing and before working in the media, was Boca’s manager. And we know the list of players. We cannot subtitle everything we do here ”.

Those players who came with me won the championship and then the Argentine Cup. You will tell me the famous game against Central, but beyond that, before Boca won 6 games to reach that final. And the majority against First Division teams: Banfield, Lanús and Defensa y Justicia de Holan ”, concluded Simón.

Mariano Closs’s dialogue with Juan Simón that went viral

It is worth remembering that yesterday the rapporteur specified the level shown by Leonardo Jara in the clash with him. Fish and since he returned to the institution after passing through Major League Soccer in the United States. “It is unpleasant to throw names, but really: Is Jara to play in Boca?”Asked the driver; while the former sports director of the club de la ribera justified: “He has been in Boca for four years.”

Come on, Juan, stop kidding. He has brand problems, the attack does not know how to pass. Come on, don’t be like that. If someone chose for Jara to play in Boca … ”Closs fired, but was suddenly interrupted before he could conclude his opinion. “I …”, said Simón, who was in the position of manager between September 2014 and August 2016.

In his defense, the former footballer said: “You choose players, but you don’t know how the shirt can weigh them or not.” However, he was quickly hit hard: “You tell me four years ago, it must be good, then. He had a bad night yesterday … ”.

After his irruption in Estudiantes de La Plata, Leonardo Jara arrived at the blue and gold entity at the beginning of 2016 in exchange for a figure close to 3 million dollars. In between, he had a pass on loan to DC United from the MLS.


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