1. Biden prohibits energy imports from Russia to the US

President Joe Biden announced the US decision to ban imports of oil, natural gas and coal from Russia in response to the invasion of Ukraine. The president recognized that his allies in Europe are not in the same position as the US to carry out this measure.

2. Xi Jinping affirms that China is willing to mediate in the Ukraine war

Chinese President Xi Jinping said Tuesday that China is willing to “actively work” with the international community to mediate the war in Ukraine, but gave no details and reiterated his opposition to Western sanctions against Russia.

3. What is NATO Article 5?

US officials have made it clear that the country’s troops will not clash directly with Russian forces. In addition, NATO members have rejected calls to establish a no-fly zone in Ukraine, warning that it could lead to a “full-blown war in Europe.”

However, the situation could quickly change if Moscow’s attack on Ukraine were extended to a NATO member nation, triggering a response based on the alliance’s Article 5 principle.

4. New vacancy motion against President Pedro Castillo in Peru

During the little more than seven months that the president has been in power, this is the second vacancy motion promoted by the opposition. The first request to declare the vacancy of the position of President of the Republic was given in November 2021, but it did not reach enough votes to continue its process in the Legislative.

The new motion indicates as a cause for vacancy the “permanent moral incapacity” of the president.

5. Mexican Football Federation punishes the Querétaro club with a one-year veto for violence in the stadium

The Querétaro club will have to play its home games without an audience for a year due to the violence recorded during a soccer match that left more than 20 people injured, said the president of the Mexican Soccer Federation (FMF), Yon de Luisa.

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