An apartment building in New Jersey (United States) was consumed by fire on the morning of March 7 of 2022 and firefighters had to think fast to prevent the tragedy, reach its residents; the scene of rescue of a three-year-old baby and his father has gone viral.

The events occurred in the municipality of South Brunswick, Nueva Jersey and in the images that the local police station shared on Twitter, the moment in which their elements are placed under the window of the second floor and trap the minor.

The video was captured by one of the sergeants who was present at the scene of the fire, showing the moments of tension in which the vital decision had to be made:

“Rescue captured on the officers’ body camera. Dad throws his son out the second story window at officers and firefighters, then jumps to escape the flames consuming the apartment building,” the corporation shares.

“DRAMATIC: Sergeant’s body-worn camera video shows moment police and firefighters yell ‘drop the baby’ to his father from burning apartment,” reads another video also posted on Twitter.

Subsequently, the minor’s father hangs from the window and jumps into the void, muffled by some bushes and immediately checked by firefighters to assess his state of health, which luckily he was not engaged.

The Police Department reported that the balance of said fire was four residents of the South Ridge complex with minor injuries as well as a person who required transfer to a hospital, but no human losses are reported.

The videos of the fire and the rescue quickly went viral on social networks and local news thanks to the coordination of the rescue forces to avoid a human tragedy in the apartment building consumed by fire.

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