Kamala Harris calls for ending the ‘horror’ of gun violence in America

Kamala Harris calls for ending the ‘horror’ of gun violence in America

The Vice President of the United States, Kamala Harris, has called for an end to the “horror” of armed violence in the country , especially after the two shootings that occurred during the celebrations of July 4 , the country’s national holiday. Harris has assured that these events “must end” and has assured that the Government will continue its fight to put an end to this type of act.

“Yesterday should have been a day to gather with family and friends to celebrate our nation’s independence. And instead, that community suffered a violent tragedy. Children, parents, grandparent. We have to end this horror. We have to stop this violence », Harris has asserted during her visit this Tuesday to Chicago, Illinois, where seven people died in a shooting on Monday.

Kamala Harris vows the government will fight guns

“The president ( Joe Biden ) and I and our administration have put all the resources and will continue to put all the resources that others need in terms of federal assistance,” assured the US vice president, appealing to the measures proposed by her Executive in relation to the control of assault weapons.

On the other hand, Harris has had a few words with the relatives and friends of the victims, and has assured that, “there is no doubt”, that the trauma “will last”. “ There is a lot of healing that is going to have to happen that is both physical and emotional . There is no question that this experience is something that is going to endure in terms of the trauma,” she added.

In this sense, she has stated that “everyone” in the country agrees that it is necessary “to be more intelligent as a country” to face the debate on the regulation of the sale of firearms, for which she has urged Congress to The United States to “have the courage” to act and renew the ban on assault weapons in the country.

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