James Rodríguez’s stepfather was threatened for his attempt to bring a new team to the ‘B’ of Colombian soccer

James Rodríguez’s stepfather was threatened for his attempt to bring a new team to the ‘B’ of Colombian soccer

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Juan Carlos Restrepo, James Rodríguez’s foster father, wants his Real Sincelejo team to obtain sports awards so that they can participate in professional football championships. Photo: Private archive. 

Juan Carlos Restrepo, foster father of James Rodríguez -the star player of the Colombian National Team-, pointed out in an interview with Blu Radio that He has received death threats to stop him from continuing with the judicial process that he is leading so that Real Sincelejo, a team he bought in 2015, enter the second division of Colombian professional football.

“They are not asking me, but for some time I have been receiving flowers, and those things of the dead: suffrages. They send them to my house and tell me to leave that Sincelejo issue alone. That will not scare me, nor will it scare me, or anything like that, I will continue to the last consequencesWhat they will be, I don’t know, ”he said in the interview on the radio.

The stepfather of the Colombian ‘crack’ also pointed out in the interview with the program Blog Deportivo, on Blu Radio, that despite the fact that there is a ruling by the State Council in his favor, for Real Sincelejo to be recognized as a professional soccer team, The Major Division of Colombian Soccer (Dimayor) did not take this issue into account in the last assembly they held.

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“What was expected was that the dignitaries of the Federation and the Dimayor would act in a coherent way with a ruling that is forcing them, but I see that according to the attitude in the assembly the issue was not touched on and that means that they do not see it as a priority issue, so we will have to continue with the process, “said Restrepo.

In the interview on Blu Radio, the owner of Real Sincelejo He stressed that Dimayor does not give recognition to his club, regardless of the fact that the Ministry of Sports has already endorsed that club, as ordered by the Council of State.

“It is a second instance ruling that has no appeal, and in which three parties are involved: the Ministry of Sports – previously Codeportes-, the Dimayor, and the Colombian Soccer Federation, which had to comply with the order within 48 hours. The Ministry did it, The scope that he has given is not known, but he complied by issuing the sports recognition. Those who are not complying and are entering into contempt are the lords of the Federation and Dimayor ”, he said.

Restrepo said that he was waiting for the holiday season to pass, since he understood that the sports recognition he hopes could not be managed during the end of the year festivities, but that When seeing that it was not taken into account in the assembly of the Dimayor, it would initiate the incident of contempt, which could even end with the arrest of the president of the Dimayor, Fernando Jaramillo.

“He was notified by telegram that he has it and we are sure he received it. We are going to file contempt because that communication was received “he added.

Juan Carlos Restepo bought Real Sincelejo in 2015 for 6,000 million pesos and seeks for his club to become the second team in the department of Tolima under the name of Real Tolima.

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