Hollywood Podcaster & Actor Spark Massive Twitter Debate Over 'The Great Reset'

Hollywood Podcaster & Actor Spark Massive Twitter Debate Over ‘The Great Reset’


PODCASTER James Melville and Hollywood actor Russell Brand spoke separately about ‘The Great Reset’, sparking a debate on social networking site Twitter.

Melville shared a video of World Economic Forum chief Klaus Schwab talking about ‘The Great Reset’ along with the caption: “The Great Reset is not a conspiracy theory. It’s a schedule”.

In the video, Schwab, the WEF founder, who recently deleted an article by the Sri Lankan PM that was retrieved by the Wayback Machine, said that:

“People assume that we are going back to the good old world that we had, and everything will go back to normal, in the way that we are used to the old-fashioned normal.”

“This is fiction, it will not happen, the cut we have now is too strong not to leave traces.”

After sharing the video, the Speakeasy Podcast host shared an image from a WEF article written on June 3, 2020, titled “Now is the time for a ‘big reset’.”

Meanwhile, Russell Brand, star of Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Get Him to the Greek, released a video called ‘[PROOF] The Great Reset is HAPPENING!’ in which the actor looks at the mass protests in Sri Lanka as farmers continue to protest in the Netherlands and Germany and asks the question, “Is it really a coincidence that they’re happening at the same time?”

In the video, the 47-year-old called the green energy movement a scam and said it was part of the Great Reset.

He said the plan was to “bankrupt farmers and grab land around the world.”

“This is related to the Bill Gates land grab. This is related to the corruption of companies like Monsanto. This whole fertilizer thing is a scam. They present it as a green ideology,” said the former Big Brother’s Big Mouth host.

“’Oh, we can’t keep using these fertilizers,’ and anyone who lives in the rural area will know that when you use those fertilizers, you think, ‘Oh God, this is a little dangerous.'”

“But the reason farmers use those fertilizers is because it’s economically necessary because of the financial pressure they’re under, often because of government-imposed imperatives,” he said.

“The goal is not for farmers to behave organically, ecologically responsible, far from it. It’s to bankrupt farmers so they can take over their land.”

He added: “This shows you how ‘The Great Reset’ works.

“Use a green agenda. And just so you know, I agree with the green agenda. I believe that the planet should be treated with love and respect, that we should see ourselves in harmony with it.”

“But when regulations are transmitted from a globalist level and affect the lives of ordinary farmers, it is the duty of all of us to support them, stand in solidarity, give them time, make those transitions, tell the peasant and agricultural community, we support them by buying their products,” he concluded.

In reaction to the video and Twitter’s trending topic, users of the social media platform gave their opinion on the topic.

“It’s hard to believe that after 2.5 years people still think of The Great Reset as a huge conspiracy theory with all the information available as it happens before our eyes,” one person said.

Another person said: “It is time for each of us to ask our politicians what they work for. They are literally working for The Great Reset and not us!

Paul Joseph Watson said, “Just stop the oil = Trojan Horse for the Great Reset.”

DJ Lange said, “Who gave Klaus the authority to tell us we’re not going back to normal?”

However, many people questioned why people were “whining” about “The Great Reboot”.

When asked what it was, one Twitter user wrote: “Conspiracy theory for the gullible to complain when they have no other points to make.”

Others had a more pragmatic view: “I am reading ‘Covid 19: The Great Reset’ by Klaus Schwab and Thierry Malleret at the time he cites. So far, I can interpret the content as a prediction of future scenarios based on past trends or a blueprint of what’s next. I am fluttering between both views.”

“It may well be, but the planet seems to have launched its own #GreatReset to correct the terrible disaster that humans have caused in ecosystems around the world, as well as contributing to the #ClimateCrisis and #anthropocene extinction. I think the Great Earth Reset is much more powerful,” another person added.

The news of the WEF and the Great Reset comes after Klaus Schwab said that the world is facing multiple crises and is willing to deepen cooperation with China.

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