• The current state president has 54% support from voters, according to a recent Siena Polls survey, while Republican Lee Zeldin reaches 37% in voting intention

There are almost six weeks left before New Yorkers go to the polls again, in the general elections on November 8, which will decide the future of the State, and the current governor, Kathy Hochul, who seeks to remain in office, is ahead, by Wide margin.

This is revealed by data from a recent Siena Polls survey, where voters consulted gave 54% support for the Governor, while her closest rival, Republican Lee Zeldin, appears with 37% electoral support.

The survey data also shows that Hochul continues to grow in the intention to vote among the electorate, since last August she had 53% and her opponent 39%.

“Hochul continues to hold a solid double-digit lead over Zeldin, holding his base with 81% support from Democrats, just like in August,” said Steven Greenberg, a Siena College pollster, noting that his rival for Governor has been losing support.

“Zeldin has the support of 77% of Republicans, down from 84% previously, and continues to lead narrowly among independent voters, 45-42%… To close or even reduce a 17-point gap, she would need to win a much larger proportion. largest number of independents, solidify Republican support, and eliminate a few more Democrats.”

Greenberg explained that the results showing broad support for Hochul are not surprising.

“It’s no wonder that Hochul dominates in New York City, she leads by five points in the southern suburbs of the state, after being three points behind in August, while those in the north are practically tied,” said the expert.

“Hochul has a commanding two-to-one 61-29% lead with the women, and she has a narrow 48-44% lead with the men. White voters side with Hochul by 10 points, Latinos by 25 points and Blacks by 68 points,” she added.

Regarding the favorable image of the Governor, the survey revealed that Hochul has 47 approval, against 40% against.

Although the official date of the general election is November 8, New York has the option for voters to go to the polls early between October 29 and November 6.

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