Today the jury selection continues in a court in Minneapolis in the trial against former police officer Derek Chauvin, charged in the death of George Floyd in May last year.

So far there are six selected jurors: five men and one woman.

Three are white, one is Hispanic, one is multiracial and one is black, according to Judge Peter Cahill. Arguments are expected to begin later this month.

A possible jury was thrown out on Friday, acknowledging that it had a negative opinion of the defendant.

The woman, a recent college graduate, said she had seen video of Floy’s arrest taken by a passerby and read news reports about the case.

In response to a questionnaire, he said he had a “somewhat negative” opinion of Chauvin and that he held his knee on Floyd’s neck for too long.

For a total of $ 27 million.

As the jury selection continued on Friday, the Minneapolis city council agreed to pay $ 27 million to the family of the deceased.

After a closed-door session, the Council announced the settlement for a record high, including $ 500,000 for the neighborhood where Floyd was arrested.

The Floyd family’s attorney, Ben Crump, said in a statement that it was the largest civil rights settlement in history, which “sends a powerful message that black lives do matter and police brutality against the people of color must cease ”.

The hearing will resume Tuesday against the accused officer.

Floyd was pronounced dead on May 25 after then-police officer Derek Chauvin squeezed his knee on the black man’s neck for about nine minutes.

Floyd’s death sparked sometimes violent protests in Minneapolis and other cities, leading to a national discussion on racism.

In July, the Floyd family sued the city and the four officers implicated in his death, alleging that the officers violated Floyd’s rights and the city allowed a culture of excessive force, racism and impunity to flourish in its police force.

Thursday of last week, the judge reinstated the third degree murder charge against Chauvin, who now faces three charges in Floyd’s death.

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