According to a statement issued by the United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), the 49-year-old man, identified as Carlton Cash, of Ft. Lauderdale, was accused of selling more than 150 grams of methamphetamine in Broward County.
The doctor was sentenced last week to 10 years in federal prison for selling crystal meth.
The doctor worked in the emergency room and retired in 2014 after receiving a disability from injuries he suffered in a car accident in 2004. Since then Cash has earned $ 15,000 a month.

The police report indicated that a year before his arrest the man bought $ 100,000 worth of methamphetamine in order to sell it. Similarly, it was reported that the doctor was also consuming the drug during 2018.

According to authorities, Cash sold drugs for 8 months in 2019, a period in which the DEA and the Margate Police Department were in charge of conducting an investigation of the case with the county Sheriff’s Office of Broward.

Police detained a man who had been buying drugs from Cash, and who promised information that could aid in his arrest.

The informant dedicated himself to buying more drugs while the transactions were recorded using recording devices.

According to the local media South Sentinel, after gathering enough evidence, authorities visited Cash and warned him that he could spend 5 to 10 years in prison if he continued to sell methamphetamine.

At first, the doctor accepted and informed his clients that he would withdraw from the business, however he was caught carrying out transactions of this type on at least three different occasions.

Documents from the trial indicated that authorities found compromising evidence among the doctor’s text messages, which claimed that the drug was of good quality and had been obtained in Southern California.

The convicted person had an active medical license in Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, Arkansas, New York, Michigan, and Mississippi, and according to the Department of Justice for the Southern District of Florida, he pleaded guilty to 5 counts of possession with intent to distribute methamphetamine crystalline before the federal court in Miami in December 2020.

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