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Elon Musk at Clubhouse, Fans Live Stream to YouTube, Interview with Robinhood CEO

Elon Musk appeared on Silicon Valley’s hottest voice social network, Clubhouse, at midnight on February 1st.

To summarize the exchanges at Clubhouse, Musk used Clubhouse to talk about “his base” such as space travel, Martian colonies, and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. On some themes, Mr. Musk was able to overturn some myths about his “oriental” view. Occasionally, he made statements that were far more nuanced than the meme-fueled Twitter feed, perhaps because Musk wasn’t serious, but just having fun with his followers. He almost seemed to say, “I’m not a savior, I’m just a naughty boy.”

In contrast to previous explanations of the possibilities of life on Mars, Musk did not have a rosy vision for it. It is worthwhile for humanity to continue to live on Mars, but he said life there is tough.

Musk also talked about many themes, from AI to the new coronavirus vaccine.

In the last quarter, when Robinhood CEO Vlad Tenev went on stage, the story changed a lot (obviously by Musk, but the adjustments were made behind the scenes. There was a sign).

Musk suddenly became an interviewer, letting Tenev reveal what happened at the end of the Wall Street Bets turmoil on the popular stock trading board.

After that, the Clubhouse room was transformed into what Robinhood calls a large-scale public relations act by large investor a16z. 5000 attendees, hundreds of journalists, and YouTube livestream viewers gathered at a hot event. We were able to witness the beginning of a16z’s new media “on time” trying to break in among journalists in the public debate about technology.

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