Champ, one of President Joe Biden’s dogs, died this Saturday at the age of 13, Biden reported on his social networks.

“Our hearts are sad today because we let you know that our beloved German Shepherd Champ passed away peacefully at home,” Joe Biden said in a statement.

“In our happiest times and in our most heartbreaking days, he was there with us, sensitive to our every unexpressed feelings and emotions. We love our sweet, good boy and will always miss him,” added the president.

Biden said Champ’s strength had diminished in recent months but still, “when we entered a room, he would immediately stand up, his tail always wagging, and he would nuzzle us to scratch an ear or rub our belly”.

The Bidens have another dog: Major, who is the first animal in a shelter to ever live in the White House.

Major was temporarily removed from the White House in March after being involved in an accident with an official and while receiving professional training.

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