Washington, Aug 15 (Globe Live Media) .- The US president, Joe Biden, will make a tour in the coming weeks to celebrate his Inflation Reduction Law, which he will sign this Tuesday, when there are three months to go before the legislative elections.

As reported by the White House in a statement on Monday, the president will soon organize a meeting with his cabinet focused on the implementation of the law and will travel throughout the country to highlight how he “will help the American people.”

In addition, on September 6 he will organize an event to celebrate the promulgation of this ambitious fiscal, health and environmental law approved last day 12 by the US Congress.

“This landmark bill will lower the cost of energy, prescription drugs and other health care services for American families, combat the climate crisis, reduce the deficit and make the largest corporations pay their fair share of taxes.” , pointed out the White House.

The regulation contemplates investments of some 669,000 million dollars and seeks to reduce the rise in prices, fight against climate change and lower the cost of prescription drugs by giving Medicare, the health coverage plan for those over 65, the power to negotiate.

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