Since the president took office, the Senate has confirmed more than 80 new justices. The number of appointments of new federal judges that Biden has made is greater than those made by Donald Trump at the same point in his term and there will be more

The importance of this is that the former president reshaped the federal judiciary, as one of his defining legacies, while Biden has sought to maximize his own stamp on the courts since the early days of his administration.

And boy has it been applied, because since the 79-year-old president took office, the Senate has confirmed more than 80 new judges. Nonetheless, the Conservatives still have a huge advantage at the highest levels of the legal system.

In numbers, the current tenant of the White House has 58 appointments of new district court judges, while his predecessor had appointed 26 at this point in his presidency, and ended with a total of 174.

District judges’ rulings can be appealed to the federal circuit courts, Axios notes, adding that Joe Biden has so far appointed 20 judges to the pool of appeals courts that can hear important cases; while the former president had appointed 24 at the same point in his term, and ended up with 54.

As far as the Supreme Court is concerned, due to the three appointments made by Donald Trump, a conservative majority is likely to continue to reign for decades.

In conclusion, Democrats have emphasized the importance of the courts, appointing new justices promptly when there are vacancies, and even with just one vote to spare, the Democratic Senate has confirmed those nominees at a rapid pace.

However, if they lose the Senate in the November elections, this scenario will change completely, since any possibility of obtaining one more seat on the Supreme Court, much less two, will most certainly fall to the next president.

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