Biden, after the mass shooting in Buffalo: “White supremacy is a poison that runs in front of our eyes”

Biden, after the mass shooting in Buffalo: “White supremacy is a poison that runs in front of our eyes”

President Joe Biden condemned this Tuesday “the poison of white supremacy” in his speech at a makeshift memorial for the 10 people who died in last Saturday’s white supremacist attack in Buffalo.

“White supremacy is a poison running in front of our eyes. The ideology of white supremacy has no place in America. We cannot continue in silence, ”said the president in his speech.

After speaking privately with the victims’ families, local officials and first responders, Biden affirmed that the diversity of the United States is its strength and that the country should not be distorted by a “hateful minority.” “In America evil will not win, I promise you,” Biden said. “Hate will not prevail, white supremacy will not have the last word.”

After getting off Air Force One with First Lady Jill, the couple placed a bouquet of white flowers at the memorialalso made up of candles and messages of condolence outside the Tops supermarket, where the young man armed with an assault rifle attacked African-Americans in the deadliest racist attack in the United States since Biden took office.

“Jill and I have come to support you, and the families, we have come to cry with you”said the president. “Now is the time for people of all races, of all backgrounds, to speak up as one,” he added.

This Monday, Biden already paid special tribute to one of the victims, retired police officer Aaron Salter, who worked as a security guard at the store. He said Salter “gave his life trying to save others” by opening fire on the shooter.

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