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The journalist said that there were also quarrels between the drivers of the morning.

It could be thought that because they belong to the same television company, the programs Windowing and Come the joy they maintain a close and cordial relationship, because although the afternoon program is completely focused on shows, in the morning this section is also very important. But the recent revelations of journalist Ana María Alvarado show that the harmony between the two TV Azteca teams is not as the public imagines it.

According to the presenter of The sun rises, there is a notable clash between both productions and he assured that when he was part of the aforementioned morning, he could never have a friendly relationship nor professional with the members of Windowing, because the attitude of Pati Chapoy regarding the management of her program was somewhat monopolistic.

“It was impossible for her to work with Atala Sarmiento because she was in Windowing and me in Come the joy and there has never been a good relationship between Windowing‘ and Come the joy, never. Whatever they say, I can tell you because I saw it for many years “, revealed the journalist on her channel YouTube regarding the recent appearance of Atala Sarmiento as a remote guest on the network’s morning program Television image.

Alvarado explained that good communication could not flow between the members of both programs because the head of Windowing sought to “centralize” at all costs the contents of shows on television and He even wanted someone on his team to also appear in the picture on the morning magazine show.

I also confess that I was seen in TV Azteca as “an infiltrator” who would run to tell the details of what happened inside Ricardo Salinas Pliego’s television station to his boss Maxine Woodside, with whom she conducts the radio program All for women.

“In his day when they were in Windows, both Aurora Valle and Mónica Garza and Atala Sarmiento we did not get along, nor was there a relationship with all of Come the joy why Pati wanted to centralize the shows as Televisa shows and sometimes there was differences by notes. Pati wanted someone from her team to do the section in Come the joy and since I came external they said that I was a spy and that he would go and tell Maxine everything, “he revealed.

The communicator even detailed that among the same conductors of Come the joy there was no sincere friendship, as he said he knew several anecdotes of envy and lawsuits: “I remember so many anecdotes, I will tell you about lawsuits, envies, some ordered others to take their clothes off, they couldn’t have the same hairstyle, they couldn’t use the same hair color”, he explained without naming names.

Windowing has remained in the midst of controversy in recent times, one of its most recent controversies being the notable absence of Daniel Bisogno, whose irreverence and way of expressing himself it would have been the reason for an exemplary punishment imposed by high command of the television station.

And it is that last December Bisogno caused a stir by referring to the entertainment journalist Javier Ceriani, head of the program Chisme no like, like a “sick witch” and a “disgusting being”, disqualifying that caused the outrage of the Argentine communicator and made him launch a campaign against Bisgono in an effort to ask him to retract his words and offer him a public apology on television.

Ceriani was forceful in requesting the owner of TV Azteca to take action on the matter, since in his opinion, allowing a person to express himself in this way in the air of another professional The message of “values” that the television station claims to spread among Mexican families greatly demerits.

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