An American Man who won  million in the lottery hid it from his family for 10 years

An American Man who won $55 million in the lottery hid it from his family for 10 years

The joy and excitement of winning the lottery must be one of the most difficult to hide, but who is perhaps the most discreet man in the world who managed to keep it a secret for 10 years and does not seem to want to reveal it to those closest to him.

There are several stories of people who after winning the lottery, tragedy comes to them, waste, envy and lawsuits for money ruin their lives. Perhaps it is for these reasons this man from California decided to keep this secret just for himself.

Silence is usually your best companion, the California resident confessed in an anonymous letter, who has been hiding the more than 55 million dollars he won in the lottery from his family for 10 years.

I never told my parents, or my sister, or anyone. I have kept a low profile. I bought a new truck and a house,” but I told them I was renting it. Was I wrong not to tell anyone?” He said in his letter to The Moneyist.

This 67-year-old man wanted to preserve his safety and tranquility by not telling this secret, and it is that you must be satisfied with your life by doing everything you can to keep everything as it is.

I know my parents wouldn’t have asked for anything, but my sister would have told me to donate half to her church. I have not donated money to anyone or any organization. I also don’t believe in lending money to friends and family, no matter what. If it did, it would be ruined,” he explained.

They say that money changes people but this guy did not seem to move his world, or at least that is what he wanted, besides not knowing how his friends would react if he told them.

Now I am 67 years old and I am very comfortable with my life, I don’t spend much. I have no children and my parents passed away”, he added.

He only bought a new car and a house, but he told everyone that he rented it.
He only bought a new car and a house, but he told everyone that he rented it.

In the letter the lucky winner wonders if he did the right thing to keep it a secret for so long, both from his family and friends. He also specifies that one of the biggest reasons why he did not say anything was because of his difficult relationship with his only sister.

She was sincere and said that she does not speak with her only direct relative, her sister, due to the “horrible things” that the woman tried to do to her parents in the past. Even so, the winner claims to have led a quiet life, without spending a lot of money.

I haven’t supported my sister because I don’t like her or her husband, and I haven’t talked to her in over 10 years. Hopefully, they have no idea where I live; Furthermore, my parents took her off the farm before they died. She tried to do horrible things to our parents, which I managed to put an end to,” he said.

The columnist answered him and said that what surprised them the most was that after winning the lottery he maintained a balanced and peaceful existence.


You certainly realize that money does not change who you are. However, it can change the perception that others have of you. People project their own needs, resentments, insecurities, and ambitions onto others. Comparison and despair is an often unavoidable human trait,” reflected the financial columnist.

He also pointed out that money can’t buy you authentic relationships with friends and neighbors, in addition to neither can it buy you more time on the planet.

“For that reason, I see nothing wrong with living your life the way you want to live it and resisting the urge to share the news with anyone, including and especially your family,” he concluded.

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