Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador revealed this Monday that during the call he had last Friday with the US president, Joe Biden, asked him not to exclude any country from the Summit of the Americas to be held in California next June.

“With all due respect, I proposed to President Biden that if there is going to be a Summit of the Americas, all the peoples of America must participate, that no one should exclude anyone.” López Obrador said during his “morning” press conference from the National Palace.

This, after a few days ago the US government stated that it sees “Improbable” that countries like Cuba, Venezuela or Nicaragua could be summoned to the Summit.

López Obrador criticized that a summit of the Americas cannot be called “if we do not invite everyone,” he said.

“In America we cannot continue to maintain the policy of two centuries ago. In a very respectful way, how is it that we convene a Summit of the Americas, but we do not invite everyone? Then where are those who are not invited from? From What continent? From what galaxy? From what satellite?”, questioned the Mexican president.

He pointed out that whoever does not want to go “do not go” but insisted that no nation should be excluded.

And he referred that dialogue and not confrontation is required in the region, in addition to accusing that there is a group within the United States that opposes it because they have taken advantage of the exclusionary policy.

“It’s enough to be thriving with the pain of the people, with the suffering of the peoples,” he added.

He stated that in response, Biden told him he would “think” about the proposal.

Biden has advanced that his main objective at the Summit of the Americas is “to draw a new regional approach to improve the way” in which migration in the region is managed “jointly for the next decade,” according to a recent statement from the White House.

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