Amandititita’s brother was arrested for robbing a passerby;  that’s how the singer reacted

Amandititita’s Brother Was Arrested for Robbing a Passerby; That’s How the Singer Reacted

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A few months ago, Amandititita became a trend on Twitter for raising her voice against the comments she received from some drivers (IG: amanditita) 

On the night of this January 19, the journalist specialized in red and police note Carlos Jiménez revealed in his account Twitter that Amandititita’s half brother had been detained by elements of the police in the Roma neighborhood, a town in Mexico City where Francisco SE allegedly stole money from a passerby along with another man.

It transpired that the detainee was placed at the disposal of the authorities after having participated in an assault in complicity with his companion:

“They arrest the half brother of @amandititita accused of robbery. It is Francisco SE, that is how he was presented at the Mexico City Prosecutor’s Office in the Cuauhtémoc mayor’s office. Agents from the Secretariat of Citizen Security arrested him today in Colonia Roma. He and another subject are accused of stealing $ 1000 pesos from a man ”, uncovered the journalist.

Details of the process involved are unknown (Photo: Screenshot)

Details of the process involved are unknown (Photo: Screenshot) 

After the name of the call “queen of anarcumbia”Will go viral on social networks thanks to the singer’s followers based in the United States, who questioned the veracity of the information, the daughter of the remembered urban musician Rockdrigo González, He pronounced himself and confirmed that he is a blood relative of his.

“Thank you all for your support. Luis is my half brother and we are not close, I have not seen him for many years, but I love him”, The composer of songs such as Metrosexual and La güera Televisa, and assured that he would offer his support to whoever asked him.

Although he did not give more details about it, he thanked the solidarity that appeared on the social network. However, hours after commenting on the situation, Amanda Lalena Escalante Pimentel – her full name – deleted the message from her account.

Amandititita recently denounced that a Colombian musician released a song identical to hers (Photo: Instagram @ amandititita)

Amandititita recently denounced that a Colombian musician released a song identical to hers (Photo: Instagram @ amandititita) 

I am always there to support him and anyone who needs a hand, I am grateful to God who puts beautiful people in my way for that work”, He expressed in his message.

After a few hours after the arrest of his half brother, of whom it is unknown if he is the son of the remembered composer whose statue survives in a corridor of the Balderas subway in Mexico City, and after the questions of his audience, Amandititita changed the configuration of your account Instagram making it private, so whoever does not follow it cannot see what it publishes.

This scandal of which no more details are known at the moment arises after two days ago the author of The very very reported in your account Twitter what a Colombian musician who had just released a new single had the same chorus and theme as a song that she would be about to release.

In September 2020, he accused Horacio Villalobos of bullying and criticizing her for her appearance (Photo: Twitter)

In September 2020, he accused Horacio Villalobos of bullying and criticizing her for her appearance (Photo: Twitter) 

He later deleted the tweets and issued a statement via voice audio:

“Hey, I already deleted the tweets because I realized that chaos is going to be created where there is none, and I shared the anecdote, because it seemed incredible to me that two or more people would come up with the same idea without knowing each other, without having spoken and without having absolutely anyone in common. I never said it was plagiarism, or that they stole, those things happen … They are strange but they happen and rather we were very surprised because it was the same chorus and concept. Not the same verses or the same music ”, explained Amandititita.

He also asked the media not to ask him for interviews “there is no reason to make a roll where there is none. He Twitter is to say what one feels. The anecdote is funny, I really like this guy and how cool, wow, how crazy, I thought it was super.”, The singer expressed in the audio.


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