A video of the fight was released during a soccer match that ended with a murdered man: “They don’t come out here alive, we’re going to kill them all”

A video of the fight was released during a soccer match that ended with a murdered man: “They don’t come out here alive, we’re going to kill them all”

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Part of the fight that ended with a man killed in Tortuguitas

On Sunday afternoon Juan Mateo Noriega, originally from Hurlingham, 63, He was killed in the middle of a fight that originated while a soccer game was being played in a complex of fields in the Buenos Aires town of Tortuguitas.. Noriega was the father of one of the soccer players who participated in the match. At the moment there are four detainees accused of the crime.

In the last hours, a video recorded by a cell phone was known where the moment in which the fight had already started is observed. In the recording it is seen how a man runs while others chase him to hit him. The recorded scene lasts a few seconds, but there the virulence of the attack that ended Noriega’s life can be observed.

“We went to play soccer with our team, Serrano fc, what do we play against Deportivo Nogués. When the game was about to end there was a foul near the side. At that moment they began to argue and those from Nogués began hitting pineapples and kicking. Then people from outside came in, part of the public who watched the game. And there they began to run to the son of the deceased, Marcelo, who ran to the side of the locker room. There, Juan tried to stop the fight and everything was for the worse: They hit him, he fell to the ground, they kicked him and there everything was unleashed. He became unemployed and started with seizures “, narrated to Infobae Marcelo, the coach of the Serrano fc team, who witnessed the incident.

I am a nurse. There we carried out PCR, because the ambulance did not arrive and we died. Juan accompanied us every Sunday. The truth is something very sad what happened, very ugly. They were very wild. They yelled at us ‘they don’t come out of here alive, we’re going to kill them all’ “, added.

Juan Mateo Noriega was 63 years old 

The event occurred this Sunday in a rental soccer field located at 3400 José Hernández street called “La Tortuga”. There a tournament was taking place that had been organized by the owner of that complex. According to the first information, the man reportedly died as a result of the beating, as he received a large number of kicks in the head.

The crime was in charge of the prosecutor Carlos Hermello, head of UFI No. 18 of Malvinas Argentinas, who after collecting a series of testimonies and carrying out various investigative tasks ordered the arrest of three suspects, two men and one woman identified as Carlos Ezequiel R., 29, Sebastián Osmar S., 35, and Mónica Celina R., 33. Meanwhile, in the last hours there was a new arrest, of a 21-year-old named Lucas Nahuel L.

The four named for the crime were at the disposal of the prosecutor Hermello, who will investigate them in the next few hours accused of the crime of fight homicide. In addition, the preliminary result of the autopsy is awaited to determine the causes of his death.

On the other hand, sources from the Malvinas Argentinas commune assured Telam that the property where the tournament was taking place was closed, while the authorizations and security measures for the development of the activity are analyzed. In addition, the investigators analyzed the security cameras of the place.

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