The drug, according to Walter N. Slosar, chief of the Miami Sector Border Patrol, has a street value of about $970,000.

A total of 67 pounds (30.4 kilos) of cocaine in bundles were found by authorities this weekend on a beach in Daytona Beach, Volusia County (east coast of Florida), according to the Miami Sector Border Patrol.

The drugs, according to Walter N. Slosar, chief of the Miami Sector Border Patrol, have a street value of about $970,000.

Border Patrol images show a large plastic bag containing about 25 bricks of drugs.

The seizure of the cocaine involved Border Patrol agents and the Volusia Sheriff’s Office.

The discovery of bales of cocaine and drugs on Florida’s coasts and beaches and their recovery by authorities is a somewhat frequent occurrence in this state, mostly in the Keys in the far south.

There were no reports of any arrests or the origin of the bales seized.

Last August, it was reported that the mayor of the Floridian city of Tampa, Democrat Jane Castor, found 70 pounds (almost 32 kilos) of cocaine floating in the sea while enjoying a day of fishing with her family.

Castor, who before becoming mayor was a police officer for 30 years, was near Marathon, one of the islands in the Florida Keys, when she and her family members spotted a black spot they thought was a school of fish and it turned out to be a plastic bale with “bricks” of cocaine inside.

The events happened on July 23, but became known almost a month later when Castor told in an interview how she “caught” the drug, put it on her boat so it would not fall into unwanted hands and alerted the authorities to come and get it.

Also in July, a good Samaritan found a floating block of cocaine weighing about 2.7 pounds while boating near the Florida Keys, according to NBC South Florida.

The station also reported that in May, a large package of cocaine weighing about 41 pounds was discovered floating near Islamorada.

In May 2021, more than 70 pounds of cocaine worth more than $1 million was seized after it washed ashore at Cape Canaveral Space Station, according to the Space Force.

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