0 billion in US Stimulus Package announced

$350 billion in US Stimulus Package announced

The president of the United States, Joe Biden, reported this Monday that some 350,000 million dollars will be used to boost the economy and support people who have been left in a vulnerable situation after the Covid-19 crisis, such as the unemployed, parents who take care of children, educators and emergency services employees.
The measure is part of the latest stimulus package given the economic impact of the pandemic. Accompanied by Vice President Kamala Harris, Biden reiterated his administration’s decision to support those who have been hit the hardest by the global coronavirus crisis, including small businesses, schools and caregivers.

The 350,000 million announced will go to state and municipal governments, with the purpose of stimulating local economies and supporting the people most affected by the virus.

According to the White House, these funds should “promote education and health care in needy communities, invest in affordable housing, combat homelessness, and get people back to their jobs.”

Biden assured that this financial support also seeks that employers can rehire personnel who were fired due to the pandemic. In this sense, he added that whoever obtains an appropriate job offer and already receives aid checks must accept the position or lose benefits.

Around 60,000 bars and restaurants in the country will begin to receive financial support.

According to the president, his economic plan is working, although it is difficult to reverse the ravages of the pandemic: “I never said and no serious analyst suggested that getting out of the deep hole our economy was in would be simple, easy, immediate or perfectly stable.”

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