• About a fifth of secondary market royalties will be allocated to REBEL’s liquidity wallet
  • Part of the funds to facilitate the creation of the utility token
  • The tokens will be used for betting, visits to the metaverse art gallery, and auctions.

The NFT project RebelSols shared new information on how it intends to allocate its secondary market royalties and the REBEL token it is about to launch on solana.news. The collapse of the secondary market tries to defend the community.

20% royalties allocated to the REBEL liquidity wallet

About a fifth of the royalties will be allocated to the REBEL token liquidity wallet. They will temporarily lock the funds and use part of them to facilitate the creation of the utility token and its distribution. The REBEL tokens will be used for betting, visits to the metaverse art gallery and auctions, for a Play to Earn (P2E) game that has yet to be launched, and to pay for exclusive tickets to events.

Medium’s official blog goes into details:

As for the projects that have performed well throughout 2021, we can see that the majority kept the royalty below 12%. Most also do not intend to reinvest almost everything in the community. Our secondary market royalty rate is set at 20%. This amount was chosen for a reason. (..) You can see the breakdown of how the project royalties will be divided into the separate portfolios added to the program (Solana Smart Contract) that will be written to the blockchain. Our ambitious community-led company will use the power of the Solana network to automatically reward community efforts and talents.

Supply limited to 200 million tokens

The supply of the REBEL token will be capped at 200 million. The NFT project aims for the third quarter of next year to be the largest for the token. At that time, the project will begin airing 10 tokens per RebelSols NFT held, per holder, per day.

What is RebelSols?

RebelSols is an NFT project running on the Solana (SOL / USD) blockchain network . His team commissioned a 3D artist to build the project’s first collection, which launched in November this year. According to the project, its mission is “to provide future programmers, skaters, artists, musicians, actors, directors, authors, comedians, poets, photographers, homeless people, anyone who is curious and passionate, opportunities they would never have otherwise had.”

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