Nutresa share price falls 11.2%

Nutresa share price falls 11.2%

New discoveries in the Colombian Caribbean Sea, by the multinational Shell, open the door to explore the sale of gas to other countries.
New discoveries in the Colombian Caribbean Sea, by the multinational Shell, open the door to explore the sale of gas to other countries.

After the third Public Acquisition Offer (OPA) launched by the Gilinski Group for at least 9.6% of the shares of Nutresa, yesterday’s trading session marked a drop of 11.27% in the value of the species.

On Monday, at the close of the offer acceptance period on the Colombian Stock Exchange (BVC), the stock of the Antioquian food conglomerate ended the day at $49,590, but yesterday it fell to $44,000, that is, it lost $5,590 in a day.

With this downward performance, the title marked the greatest percentage depreciation in the trading session on Tuesday in the stock market, followed by the ordinary shares of Corficolombiana, which fell 7.48%, and the preferred shares of this same company, which contracted 6.80%. .

Since November 10, 2021, when the Nugil de Gilinski company launched the first OPA for Nutresa, the price of the species has increased by 128.1%, going from $21,740 to $49,590, and even reached the record price of $50,900.

Nugil’s bet was to gain control of Nutresa, and although in the first two offers made he acquired 30.81% of the shareholding paying US$1,126.9 million, he declined to buy the 0.71% that the shareholders of the holding company of food were willing to sell him in the third, which was held from April 6 to May 16.

Will it keep going down?

A month ago, while the third takeover bid for Nutresa shares was taking place on the stock market, experts consulted by this newspaper had warned that once this process was completed, the price of the stock could contract.

In this context, they mentioned that the value of the shares, which reached historical prices of $50,900, would be expected to fall and fall compared to what was achieved in the OPA, between 40% and 60%, so to recover again It will require a major transformation that will take several years. What seems to be the start of the collapse, greater than 11%, was evidenced yesterday in a single day, so there is an expectation of what the behavior of the stock will be in the remainder of the week.

However, at the price of $44,000 that Nutresa shares have, the 141.04 million that belong to Gilinski are worth $6.2 billion.

As of March of this year, Nutresa recorded sales of $3.6 billion, 27.0% higher than those of the first quarter of 2021 (see To learn more).

The company said that despite inflation, logistical difficulties and the increase in interest rates of the Banco de la República, which could put pressure on the purchasing power of households or change consumption habits, its portfolio focused on food would maintain the dynamics positive trade for the second quarter of the year.

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