High tension in the stock market due to the conflict in Ukraine

High tension in the stock market due to the conflict in Ukraine

The Ibex-35 falls more than 1% while the barrel of Brent returns to above 87 dollars

Stock markets have started the week with an eye on the Ukraine conflict, and their fears are clearly reflected in investor moves. All European stock markets are trading lower at this time, with significant declines that, in all cases, are above 1%. In the case of the Ibex-35, it yields 1.1% and is now below 8,600 points, a reference that it had not seen since just before last Christmas.

In the rest of the continental markets, the markets are also down with falls such as those of the Eurostoxx-50 (-1.4%), the French CAC (-1.3%) or the German DAX (-1.1 %). In the Asian markets, the Nikkei advanced 0.2% this morning while the Hong Kong index fell more than 1.1%.

Investors’ eyes are also pending this week for the first meeting of the Federal Reserve (FED) in the United States. The monetary organization can make its first big decision about interest rates in that country, after the high inflation rates recorded in recent months.

In the Spanish market, the movement of Criteria Caixa stands out, which has notified this morning the purchase of another 30,000 shares of Telefónica at 3.99 euros in what is the largest operation that the Catalan investor has carried out so far this year with the operator’s shares, which rose 2.53% to 4.1 euros. After being one of the great agitators of paper in 2021, Criteria has bought almost 200,000 Telefónica shares so far this year for approximately 751,181 euros.

The rest of the big stocks are trading down, such as Santander (-1.1%), BBVA (-0.7%), CaixaBank (-0.4%) or Iberdrola (-0.2%). Sol is saved Repsol, which advances 0.4%.

For its part, the barrel of Brent also registered a slight rise of 0.2%, which places its price above 87 dollars.

Vodafone shoots

On the other hand, Vodafone shares are up more than 6% at this time in their UK price. It does so after the firm has begun negotiations for the merger of its Italian division with the subsidiary in the country of Iliad. The integration would give rise to a new operator with a 36% share of the mobile market in Italy, with annual revenues close to 6,000 million euros. In addition, the ‘teleco’ company also recently explored a merger of its UK division with Hutchison Three.

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