China, about 80% of the console market’s 2.1 billion revenues come from unofficial channels

China, about 80% of the console market’s 2.1 billion revenues come from unofficial channels

A report points out that most of the console market revenues do not derive from the official one

Currently, the console market in China is registering dizzying numbers, hitting altitude 2.16 billion dollars of revenues in the year 2021. This is a growing figure, but the interesting thing is to know that almost most of this revenue comes from unofficial and unauthorized channels: the so-called gray market.

The China it is not new to selling a lot in the console world. In fact, as reported by a recent report, it has just climbed to sixth position in terms of sales of PlayStation 5 and it doesn’t seem to want to stop. The console market grows by 17% on an annual basis and in 2021 it reached a quota 15.9 million of players. The report by Niko Partners it does not report a growth rate that will remain so high also in the next few years, but estimates that revenues could touch 2.53 billion dollars and that the players will rise to altitude 27 million.

In China, most of the revenue comes from the gray market

This situation is certainly benefited by the fact that in China is present a high import of gamesgiven the large ones restrictions e censure to which the games in the territory are subject. Indeed, the Chinese catalog of available titles is a lot limited compared to that of other countries in the world.

This has helped a lot to increase the number of revenues that come from gray market, rather than from official channels. The figure, as mentioned above, is certainly increasing in the years to come, especially if the China will not decide to review its policies on censorship and restrictions.

The complete report drawn up by Niko Parker it is very detailed and includes a lot of information: we are, in fact, in front of a report of ben 103 pages containing data of any kind. Will be published at June and can be purchased for 7,500 dollars to the following address.

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