Suhaimi Saad Formed a Nasyid Group With His Wife and Children

Suhaimi Saad Formed a Nasyid Group With Diana Naim and Children

Suhaimi Saad, Diana Naim and Children

Former member of the In-Team nasyid group, Suhaimi Saad will appear with an album featuring new members of the nasyid group consisting of his wife, Diana Naim including his four children.

The nasyid group of children was named Bismillah.

“Bismillah. We are preparing a soundtrack album of Suhaimi Saad, Diana Naim and children.

“This Bismillah group album will be released at the beginning of next Ramadan. Insya-Allah, ”he said via Instagram.

Suhaimi, 41, also said that the album which is still in the process contains 10 songs, including a zikir will be sold at RM30 including delivery charges.

“For early booking, please WhatsApp to 010-2769675. Fast! This album is very exclusive and limited, “he said.

In several separate submissions, the singer, who was once popular through the song Kasih Kekasih with the In-Team group, also shared some of his family members’ actions during the recording process at the studio since the beginning of this month.

In fact, Suhaimi also introduced his wife, Diana Naim who had previously appeared with a song entitled Duhai Hati in 2007.

“Diana Naim ‘is a comeback’,” he said.

Kosmo! on November 4 reported that Suhaimi who has appeared with a single titled Zapin Selawat at the end of last year was confirmed to have chronic eye pain since 2019.

He who now lives in Kelantan needs his wife’s help for daily affairs due to severe short-sighted eye problems.

Suhaimi and Diana were married on August 12, 2007 and were blessed with four children, namely Ehmad Hadie Elfardie, 13, Sallman El-Khoyri, 11, Phyrosh Elfadwah, 9, and Nurlayla Elghufrony, 7.

It is understood that all four of his children go home schooling while he and his wife play the role of teacher.

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