“Luis Miguel, the series”: Aracely Arámbula, the great pending issue of the third season, and the reason for the separation

Netflix announced the release date of the third and final season of “Luis Miguel: the series” and released a first teaser with some of the scenes that we will see from next October 28.

Among the novelties that this advance shows us, is the confirmation of the character of Mariah Carey and days before, in a post shared by Diego Boneta, there was talk of the presence of “Karla”, a role played by the Mexican Alejandra Ambrosi and who, according to some means, it would be nothing less than Aracely Arambula.


And it is as a result of this controversial possible intervention of the ex-partner of Luis Miguel that we bring up this interview offered to skip intro in April of this year, in which we discussed with the authors of the 2021 biography of ‘Sol’ about the relationship between the Mexican actress and the interpreter of “Hasta que meorgó”.


Javier León Herrera and Juan Manuel Navarro tell us about Luis Miguel and his frustrated family with Aracely Arámbula.
Javier León Herrera and Juan Manuel Navarro tell us about Luis Miguel and his frustrated family with Aracely Arámbula.

There are several interviews that Luis Miguel gave in the 90s in which he assured that he would like to consolidate a family and be a very different father than he was for King Luisito.

But, to date, that dream seems to be far from being realized. At the end of the eighties, he became the father of a girl who, he only recognized, when she reached the age of majority (Michelle Salas), and in 2009 he separated from the actress Aracely Arambula, with whom he had two children from whom he has also distanced himself today.

For journalists Javier León Herrera and Juan Manuel Navarro, authors of “King gold”, a recent biography of the artist, there are several factors that led to the breakdown of this couple.

In the book that went on sale on April 20, journalists again pointed to a condition that the singer made to the actress to establish a family: that she leave her working life and dedicate herself to taking care of her children.

Julio Iglesias’ relationship with Miranda Rijnsburger, a model who left her career to establish a home with the Spaniard, was an example that recurrently came to mind for ‘Micky’.

Journalists explain that, at the worst moment of the couple’s crisis, which occurred precisely because Aracely Arambula began to breach that agreement and announced that he would return to television, the artist asked the advice of his friend, actor Andrés García, who suggested that he propose a clause to the protagonist of “La Doña”: a maintenance of 50 thousand dollars whether or not they are married because of the care of each child they have together.

But she did not agree and the marriage ended in 2009.

Aracely Arámbula
Aracely Arámbula

“Why did the relationship fail? In the book we give some information about why it failed. As is often the case, there is part of the blame on both sides. No one starts a relationship thinking that it is going to fail. A relationship begins with faith to bring it to fruition. In this specific case, Luis Miguel had great hopes of establishing a home in the conventional term that we all know. In fact, in the initial part of the relationship, they live a very beautiful stage, as Aracely herself has stated and on some occasion, as she has also said, she would like to tell about it”, explains Javier León Herrera, author of “Luis, mi rey”, the book on which the script for the series authorized by Luis Miguel is based.

“Luis Miguel was very enthusiastic about Aracely. I know. I have seen several videos of the celebration of the first year of his son Miguel, he gave him a big party at his house in Acapulco, he invited Aracely’s family, there was a good relationship”, adds Juan Manuel Navarro, who collaborated with Herrera in the reissue of his book, entitled “Luis Miguel, la historia”.

The end of an illusion

The writers, who in the book have chosen not to go into details about the current agreement around the couple’s children, consider it important to read Luis Miguel’s actions in the context of the broken family in which he grew up.

They also consider that the chapter with Aracely Arámbula is important to understand the following years in the life of the singer, who, after this break, enters what they describe as the “horribilis triennium”, three years in which both his personal life and your career will fall apart.

Did Luis Miguel become a kind of Luisito Rey for his own children? “Absolutely no,” says León Herrera. “I tell you no because if I told you yes, I would be misunderstood. Luis Miguel’s soul is the soul of a good person. But if a series of negative circumstances begins to accumulate on your own personality, that usually leads you, especially if you do not have someone by your side who can help you, to make mistakes. That does not mean that you are a bad person, but that you make mistakes that are somehow difficult to understand before third parties. And we must bear in mind that this is the most complicated part in the 21st century that Luis Miguel has had to live for many things”, adds the Spanish journalist.

Single forever

Can Luis Miguel someday have a stable relationship? Navarro considers that, because of the singer’s way of being and because of his way of life as an artist, it is very difficult for him to achieve it. “Maybe, as he said, he will never use the word girlfriend and less wife. Maybe he’s going to be a confirmed bachelor,” he says.

“What we can suppose is that if you put all your strength and illusions into something and in the end you don’t succeed, that predisposes you not to try again or makes it a little more difficult for you to achieve it. For all this we are saying, we know that consolidating a serious relationship for Luis Miguel is not easy, but it is not impossible either. A personal wish is that I wish he would achieve it, it would give him stability and do him a lot of good. Hopefully I can find that person”, concludes López Herrera.


At the beginning of the year, Aracely Arámbula was reported negotiating with the production of “Luis Miguel, the series” to establish the conditions in which her story with the singer would be told in fiction.

According to Guillermo Pous, the actress’s legal representative, said at that time, she wanted to have the power to supervise all the content that mentioned her since she was concerned about how a wrong narrative could affect Miguel and Daniel, the children of 12 and 14 years old who it had the fruit of his relationship with the artist.

To date, it has not been confirmed if his character will appear in the story. And it is now, with the launch of the trailer and the aforementioned post by Boneta on her Instagram account, that there is speculation about whether it is “Karla” Aracely Arámbula in fiction.


“Oro de Rey” is currently for sale. In Latin America it can be ordered through Amazon. In Peru it is available in the main bookstores, such as Crisol and Librería Sur. Its authors are Javier León Herrera and Juan Manuel Navarro.

Among the revelations that can be found in “Oro de Rey”, the following stand out: the story of Luis Miguel’s last meeting with Marcela Basteri (which was not at a concert in Argentina, as was believed), the responsibility of Mariah Carey in distancing himself of Luis Miguel with Sergio, his younger brother, and why, despite having recorded an album with the collaboration of Emilio Estefan, in English, he finally defected to pursue the ‘crossover’ that artists like Shakira and Ricky Martin did.

Javier León Herrera (Spain) and Juan Manuel Robles (Mexico) are the authors of "Oro de rey", a book about the life of singer Luis Miguel.
Javier León Herrera (Spain) and Juan Manuel Robles (Mexico) are the authors of “Oro de rey”, a book about the life of singer Luis Miguel.

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