If you practice sports or sweat a lot on the bus or at the workplace, we recommend using orange peels to fight bad odors.

If you are one of those who cannot live without citrus or sweet fruits that brighten up your mornings, then orange should be among your snacks. This fruit is not just any food, as it is used to make nutritious juices as well as in the elaboration of delicious fragrances. However, few people would make use of its peels. Did you know that they can be used for personal hygiene? Here’s what you should know.

Some tips may suggest that you use oranges as a natural fertilizer for your plants, and even as part of a ‘natural spray’ that can leave positive olfactory sensations in your home. This time we will make use of the peels of this fruit with a special objective: to complement your personal hygiene and get rid of ‘bad smells’ that can surround you throughout the day.

Use orange peels as a deodorant

It is possible to use the peels of this citrus fruit to create ‘homemade deodorants’ that can get you out of trouble. If you suffer from ‘athlete’s foot’ or simply your feet tend to leave your socks with unpleasant odors, then use this natural formula to your advantage:

  • Get some fresh, brightly colored oranges.
  • Peel them until you get some pieces of the fruit: these can be diced or sliced; whichever you prefer.
  • We are going to introduce these peels in a bottle of breathable fabric (with holes) and with the sufficient measure to be able to rest it inside your shoes.
  • Let’s make these remains of the fruit stay on your shoes from the night before, the same you can do with the socks that do not yet go to the laundry.
  • Finally, take this method as a complement to talcum powder and use it in situations of the day that warrant it.

Before we finish, you’ll be impressed to know that orange juice can also be a potent ‘natural air freshener’. We want you to experience a little of this formula in a dry garbage can with no garbage in it; you’ll see how the bad smells from the garbage cans fade as the hours go by.

You can also use orange peels as a ‘spray’ on your plants: just combine 4 oranges with a liter and a half of hot water, this formula will have to be put in a ‘spry’.

This solution will help your plants grow healthy, big and free of insects around, especially if we talk about beetles, flies, spiders and even small caterpillars that can feed on the leaves.

This is how you should use the orange peel

You can take a couple of orange peels and make yourself a rich and beneficial tea for your health: its properties will be able to reduce cholesterol in the blood and will help you to calm annoying respiratory diseases such as flu and common cold.

This kind of infusion will serve to ‘burn fat’ in the body, being in itself an excellent accompaniment to the daily diet: you will only have to heat water, grate the orange peel to get this great benefit.

What does orange do in the body?

Oranges are famous for their high vitamin C content, which is key to strengthening the immune system, fighting flu and preventing infections, as well as treating anemia, since it promotes the absorption of iron. Its consumption is recommended during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Another section of the orange in its particular benefit to prevent diseases. It can alleviate intestinal disorders, and helps prevent degenerative diseases by containing antioxidants. On the other hand, it also favors the nervous system, as well as helps with weight loss and fluid retention for diet plans.

How to eliminate food odor from the kitchen

Did you cook fish or fried food and the whole house smelled like food? This homemade preparation, with orange peels, will help you eliminate that unpleasant aroma in a matter of minutes. MAG tells you how to do it.

In fact, you can use a pot on the stove with water and vinegar; leave the lid on the side of the pot to achieve the ‘evaporation’ effect throughout the kitchen. In addition, you can add some orange peels and enhance this aromatizer.

Did you find this homemade trick interesting and did you learn a little more about cleaning and caring for your home without investing a lot of money? Like this ‘hack’, there are other types of utilities that will be to your liking. We invite you to get to know them and put them into practice. To do so, just click on the following link for more homemade tricks in Mag, and that’s it. Are you up for it?

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