Why sleeping well can make you happier than money

Why sleeping well can make you happier than money

A survey revealed that people feel much better sleeping the necessary hours than having extra money in the bank

Who says that happiness can only be bought by money? Whoever thinks that is very wrong, since there are many other things that can give us great satisfaction in life, such as resting and sleeping properly.
A recently published Talker News survey of 2,000 US adults found that getting a good night’s sleep can create a much greater sense of happiness than when you have extra money.

Of the survey participants, 40% said they felt “very happy” with their lives, ensuring that their sleep routine is excellent, in terms of schedules and times.
45% indicated that lack of sleep is the main reason why they do not feel happy in life; the second factor that makes them unhappy is stress (43%), as well as the lack of exercise or motivation (38%), the lack of social life (34%) and finally, the exhaustion left by household activities ( 33%).

People also indicated that to be happy they need to feel less stressed (45%) and more rested (43%), spend more time with their children (38%) and get a promotion at work (36%).

The survey by Natrol and OnePoll also found that the average person experiences 10 sleepless nights per month.

Getting enough sleep goes a long way, with 40% of respondents saying they are more likely to eat healthier and hit the gym (35%). And sleep can help them in their sexual and daily life: Nearly 4 in 5 of all respondents are more likely to be more intimate with their partners (38%), prepare a home-cooked meal (37%), and spend more time with their children (35%) with good sleep.