What types of permanent hair removal are best for your skin?

What types of permanent hair removal are best for your skin?

Currently, several types of laser hair removal are used depending on the characteristics of each person, we will tell you what they are.
Currently, several types of laser hair removal are used depending on the characteristics of each person, we will tell you what they are.

If you have to wax regularly, it is very likely that it is not one of your favorite activities. Not only do you lose valuable time to do other things, but you also do not experience a pleasant feeling. Hence, if you have not already done so, you are thinking of paying for permanent laser hair removal. Of course, the moment you go to investigate, you will realize that there are different types of laser hair removal. There are for all tastes, and they say tell me how you shave and I’ll tell you what you look like.

What does each one consist of? Are they differentiated by their quality? Do they depend on your skin and hair color?

What is laser hair removal?

Before pointing out what the types of hair removal are, you should know how this method works that eliminates hair forever. Believe it or not, the key is in the laser light and the heat it generates. First, a gel is applied that is cast into each of the follicles of your skin. Next, piece by piece, the laser is applied. The heat is absorbed by the gel in such a way that the follicle is burned. And so, after several sessions, the hair is removed from the root.

However, if your hair is too blonde (or you have premature gray hair) laser hair removal is not going to help you at all. The reason is called melanin, that is, the one that gives color to our hair and our skin. The laser acts on it, so if a person has a very low concentration of melanin, the treatment will not work properly.

Types of laser hair removal

Clarified the above, it is time to point out the types of laser hair removal that you can hire. At this point, the most important thing is that you let yourself be advised by the center that is going to carry out the treatment, since the specialists will study your skin and determine what is best for it. In addition, you should know that there are no better or worse treatments beforehand, but that each one has its advantages and disadvantages, which depend, as we have said, on the skin that houses the hair.

Thus, the main types of hair removal are the following:

  • ruby laser. It is the first that began to be used and offers a wavelength of about 694 nanometers or nm (note the number to compare it with other types of hair removal). The advances that have been made in this field have meant that the ruby ​​model is hardly used today , as it is only suitable for light skin with dark hair. In addition, its effectiveness is lower.
  • Alexandrite laser. Another type of laser hair removal that has a less curious name is this one that works at 755 nm. If you have thick and dark hair, it will surely be the one that best suits you as long as you are light-skinned. For those with a darker tone, other options are more recommended.
  • Diode laser. Currently it is the most used by hair removal centers because it is valid for any type of skin that has dark hair, regardless of whether they are very light or very tanned. With a wavelength of 810 nm, it is capable of weakening the follicle in such a way that in a few sessions the hair will never appear.
  • soprano laser. This typology with such a curious name is one of the latest to appear on the market. It offers a wavelength of about 800 nm and stands out because you don’t feel any pain, as well as being very effective even with tanned skin. Of course, there are experts who claim that its effectiveness decreases with very light skin with blonde hair.
  • Neodymium-yag laser. In this case, it is also suitable for any type of skin, but since it is less effective , it must reach 1,064 nm, which translates into some discomfort during the session, something that most avoid.

In short, these are the main types of laser hair removal on the market. As we have mentioned, it will depend on your skin and your hair to use one or the other. Therefore, in the center you go to, it requires that they do a preliminary analysis of your particular characteristics since, as you may have verified, the same things are not valid for everyone. And do not forget that if you want to be aware of topics like this, you just have to read our Lifestyle section from time to time.