This Is What Happens to Your Body if You Run Every Day

Running Every Day

Are you going for a run every day? This practice can bring great benefits to your body, but it also has certain risks that you should take into account, especially if you are a beginner in the world of sports and fitness.

The habit of going for a run has more and more followers every day, but like any other sport, it can cause muscle pain, injury or overload. Here we are going to find out what happens to your body if you run every day, analyzing both the pros and cons.

The advantages of going for a run every day

Practicing physical exercise on a regular basis is fully recommended to bet on a healthy life and a strong and healthy body . Avoiding a sedentary life and betting on an active life is essential to take care of your muscles, your joints, your heart system and also your mind.

An Ohio medical center, the Cleveland Clinic , conducted a study looking at the effects of running 30 minutes a day for athletes. The most prominent benefits that were obtained from this study and that were published in the Medical Daily were the following:

• Recommended practice to improve heart and lung function

• It also regulates blood sugar levels

• Running every day helps keep your bones stronger and in better shape.

• It is an ideal habit for our brain because it increases cellular oxygenation, thus improving memory and reducing the risk of having a stroke

• Going for a run improves the body’s circulation and this translates into cleaner skin and a more oxygenated and rejuvenated body.

• It also reduces LDL cholesterol levels in the blood.

• Increases the daily burning of calories, thus reducing the accumulation of fat in our body

• By working the muscles, we achieve a stronger and more stable body

• The study also resulted in benefits that pointed to people’s sexual lives, which is that running every day reduces dysfunction and increases sexual desire in both sexes.

• It is an ideal habit to combat stress or depression

• Releases hormones that produce pleasure and help us relax the body

• Running makes us sleep better at night and have a more restful sleep

The risks of running every day

Although going out to train daily can be a good idea, the truth is that there are also some risks that are worth knowing. And it is that we increase the risk of suffering from muscle overload , something that can cause us to feel discomfort in the muscles or pain. Not letting the body rest properly can lead to it being more weakened and, therefore, we have a greater risk of injury when we go jogging.

Experts recommend interspersing the workouts so that the muscles can regenerate and the body can be fully prepared for a new sports session. Ideally, do 1 day of training and 1 day of rest to ensure that you are giving your body the care it needs.

However, there is nothing better than listening to your own body . If you feel any pain or discomfort while training, stop the activity immediately and rest. Never force it because it could be worse.


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