Plyometry: Discover the Benefits of This Type of Sport

This training system is based on the execution of different types of jumps

The Plyometrics is a type of physical training that involves making exercises with jumps to improve speed and power muscle strength. This type of training, based on fast and powerful movements , can improve our physical performance and your ability to perform different activities. The areas that are most worked with plyometrics are the legs and buttocks.

Within plyometrics you can perform different types of exercises , such as push-ups , kicks , jumps or even running . Plyometrics exercises seek to combine voluntary muscle contractions and involuntary muscle contractions to improve muscle fibers. Being quick and explosive movements , much more energy is used than in a typical strength training session.

Many athletes incorporate this type of approach as part of their training , but it is actually available to everyone. They also help people in physical rehabilitation after an accident or injury to regain physical fitness and function.

If we have never practiced these exercises, it is better to do it accompanied by a trainer who will explain to us how to jump and land safely. We should start slowly, gradually introducing some of these plyometric movements into our regular training.

It is also important to consult with the doctor if we can practice this type of exercises, since they are very intense and high impact.

How Plyometrics Works

The plyometrics can be used in many different ways. These plyometric exercises can be used as a complement to the training of basketball, volleyball, tennis or any other activity that uses strong movements.

We can incorporate jumps into exercises like squats: we do the push-up and incorporate a jump when we get up, or a jump with one leg. We can also climb a box or bench and jump, or jump on cones.

When landing the jumps , the muscles are stretched, so that the next jump can be more powerful. By combining stretching and contraction, we work the muscles and shape them.

These exercises can be done outdoors , but make sure to choose a soft surface for landing, such as grass. It can also be practiced at home with an exercise mat, which will serve as a safer and softer landing base than hard ground.


Plyometrics is a fun alternative to daily strength training, necessary for increasing muscle power, strength, balance, and agility.

However, we cannot abuse plyometrics every day, because your muscles will need a break.