In this article we would like to talk about the importance of having good dental health and how it has a direct impact on our work environment.

Our smile is our calling card and is the first thing others will see about us. For this reason, having a healthy smile is vital to increase our confidence.

In fact, it is very important to understand that the state of our dental health can even affect our self-esteem. Thus, we want to talk about how oral health affects our career and how we can maintain good oral health:


  • Maintain daily dental hygiene: it is very important to brush our teeth three times a day, especially after every meal. If this is not possible, at least in the morning and before going to bed.
  • Go to our dentist regularly: we should not skip any appointment with our dentist and check our teeth regularly. Occasionally, after a regular check-up, professionals may advise us to use a dental retainer. It is a dental appliance similar to an invisible shield, used to preserve teeth in their correct position after orthodontic treatment, such as braces or invisible aligners. Retainers prevent teeth from returning to their pre-orthodontic position and maintain the best possible appearance of dental work.
  • Do not abuse sugary foods: in this way, we will minimize the probability of having cavities or dental problems if we reduce the amount of sweets or soft drinks in our diet. If we eat them, brush our teeth right after.
  • Use dental rinse and dental floss: in addition to daily brushing, it is a good idea to use dental floss or mouthwash. If the mouthwash contains fluoride, so much the better.
  • Renew our toothbrush: since it is an essential tool for our oral health, it is necessary to keep a check on it. The ideal is to change it every 3 or 4 months.
  • Follow a diet rich in fruits and vegetables: eating a healthy diet of fruits and vegetables helps to strengthen and protect teeth and gums. Dairy foods also provide calcium and phosphorus, which are essential for teeth.


Job interviews, presentations or face-to-face work require a good smile. Good dental health shows a sense of security and confidence, very important qualities in the working world. Failure to smile during a job interview or in the workplace can lead to problems of confidence towards others. If our oral health directly affects our smile and job opportunities, we are going to lose those opportunities or even affect our job. In addition, oral health is directly related to good physical or mental health, so it can go so far as to affect an employee’s performance in the workplace. Numerous studies show that happier and healthier employees have greater well-being and job satisfaction.

In short, in order to have good oral health and not have it negatively affect our work, it is important to follow the above-mentioned advice.

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